Persimmon by Upland Brewing Company in Indiana, United States

About Persimmon by Upland Brewing Company

Persimmon was the first sour beer Upland Brewing brewed to use a fruit from a native North American species of flora, the persimmon, which is also a popular Midwestern delicacy. Persimmon is a fruited sour ale where the distinct characteristics of American persimmons are melded with a mildly tart base of sour ale. Fresh aromas of persimmon, pear and peaches accompany the light straw color. Lactic tanginess, field flavors, and dry fruits create a refreshing and experiential taste. The finish is very dry, with lingering persimmon flavor.

Well-made beer meets progressive Midwestern culture.

Upland Brewing Company makes Persimmon American Wild / Sour Ale