Petroleum by Dum Cervejaria in Paraná, Brazil
Dum Cervejaria


Paraná, Brazil
12.6% ABV • IBU 96

About Petroleum by Dum Cervejaria

A beer black as oil, with added cocoa and oatmeal. Its 12% alcohol is well set with striking aromatic notes of coffee and dark chocolate, from the roasted malts and adding Belgian cacao.

The flavor follows the aroma and has a very pronounced bitterness to balance the characteristics of the malt and alcohol. The body is very dense and creamy, retro taste and long finish is quite striking.
The Petroleum recipe was developed in 2010, when there were no Imperial Stouts of that caliber in Brazil. The proposal was to do something new that only arrived to Brazil in beer books. After proving some specimens that Murilo, a partner, brought from Europe in the mail, DUM the boys set up the recipe they wanted: something strong and striking, to warm the winter in Curitiba.
With recipe in hand, they went to the pots. As exaggerated somewhat on the amount of malt for the size of the equipment that they were required 24 hours to make the first mashing of Petroleum. After two months fermenting and maturing, ready beer was presented to other curitibano brewers. It meet with unanimous approval. Petroleum conquered the palate of all, to reach the hands of Wals family, who at the time wanted to launch a black beer. Thus it was closed, a partnership to start production of Wals Petroleum, which has won gold medals in various competitions around the world.
Ingredients: Water, barley malt, roasted barley, oats, Belgian cocoa, hops and yeast.
Pairs well with: Because of its roasted character, Petroleum harmonizes very well with strong meats. It also fits perfectly with desserts, especially ice cream.
Matching suggestions: put a little ice cream in your mouth, let it melt, and then take a small sip of Petroleum. The experience is very rich - you'll feel like a cappuccino and then swallow, your mouth is clean, asking for more!
Gold Medal - British Imperial Stout - Brazilian Competition Beer 2016
Silver Medal - American Imperial Stout - Brazilian Competition Beer 2014

Made by Dum Cervejaria

A DUM Cervejaria nasceu de forma caseira, tendo como objetivo a auto-suficiência e um dia saiu das panelas e foi para as prateleiras. The DUM Brewery was born the homemade way, with the objective of self-sufficiency and one day it went out of the pots and went to the shelves.