Philpott's Honey Chamomile Wheat by Prairie Dog Brewing in Alberta, Canada
Prairie Dog Brewing

Philpott's Honey Chamomile Wheat

5.6% ABV • IBU 17 • SRM 5

About Philpott's Honey Chamomile Wheat by Prairie Dog Brewing

Silver-medal winner at the 2019 Canadian International Beer Awards for Best Friday Cask! 

Hazy, effervescent, full-flavoured, floral and complex. Philpott’s Honey Chamomile Wheat was designed by Prairie Dog from the ground up and used a generous addition of chamomile flowers and fresh Alberta Philpott Honey to give the beer a unique and tasty flavour profile. Chamomile dominates with a soft honey aroma and a satisfying bready, cracker-like finish from Alberta malts. They used East Kent Golding hops for bittering and at whirlpool to reinforce the floral aroma. Everything comes together to make this a super easy-drinking, delicious summer beer.

Our focus is on quality in traditional beer styles with some added funk to be enjoyed in a comfortable environment.

Prairie Dog Brewing makes Philpott's Honey Chamomile Wheat American Pale Wheat Ale