Phil's Pils by Half Pints Brewing Co. in Manitoba, Canada

About Phil's Pils by Half Pints Brewing Co.

Phil is a friend of good beer, so Phil’s Pils must be an impressive ode to good taste. Thankfully (Phil would say) it’s the opposite of most Pilsners available today. Brewed using two-row pale, melanoidin, and crystal malts, this lager is chock full of malty goodness on top of German hops. His Pils actually tastes like malt & hops – what a novel idea!

Half Pints Brewing Company is a Winnipeg based brewery started in 2006. As a part of the city’s beer landscape for over a decade, we have striven to make the best beer we can. From keg-only batches to bottles and canned beer, Half Pints has been filling the need and satisfying the tastes of Winnipeg.

Half Pints Brewing Co. makes Phil's Pils Euro Pale Lager