Pils by Goldfinger Brewing Company in Illinois, United States

About Pils by Goldfinger Brewing Company

Goldfinger's Pils is a beautiful representation of German pilsner malt and noble hops. This beer is for the drinker who prefers a little more hop presence with a subtle bite that dissipates smoothly into a depth of floral, herbal, and honey flavor. They pour this beer slowly (be patient, it’s worth it!) over the course of approximately five minutes to allow all of the aromas and flavors to meld into your glass and deliver it to you with a soft pillowy head. The inspiration for this beer comes from Brewer Tom’s unforgettable experience drinking his favorite Pilsner in the German Alps.

The Goldfinger family brewery started in the 1800s. True descendants are dedicated to the brewery’s revival right here in Downers Grove. A Lager house.