Pilsner Plunge by Howe Sound Brewing in British Columbia, Canada

About Pilsner Plunge by Howe Sound Brewing

This BC brewed Pilsner appears a golden colour in the glass in is topped with nearly three fingers of head. As this head settles slowly it leaves a very thick film of lacing on the glass’ sides. Through this thick head comes grassy notes with a distinct, crisp Czech style aroma. A light hop comes with the delicious malt notes along side a light honey sweetness. The flavour is light, fresh and crisp as you would expect. It is the honey sweetness that sets this apart though as the sweetness is unique and quite noticeable but doesn’t come across as too much. The light honey flavour adds an additional layer of smoothness to the pilsner making it even more sessionable than it would be otherwise. Sweetness in beer is not always a good thing but in the case of Howe Sound’s Pilsner Plunge it is just enough to set it apart and make for something quite enjoyable.

Since 1996, we’ve been brewing an award-winning selection of ales and lagers in beautiful Squamish, BC. Today, you’ll find our beers throughout British Columbia, and in many parts of Canada and the United States. Welcome to Howe Sound. Welcome to Sea to Sky Country.

Howe Sound Brewing makes Pilsner Plunge Czech Pilsner