Pilzé by Goose Island Beer Co. in Illinois, United States

About Pilzé by Goose Island Beer Co.

What started as an inside joke between brewers about the rising trendiness and cringeworthy instagram posts of Rosés, turned into a beer concept that sounded too good not to pursue. With a blush of color from blackberry and Hibiscus, Pilzé is bursting with a bright, floral and Fruit nose. Bubbly and tart mouthfeel? Of course it has a Bubbly and tart mouthfeel. If they didn't get that right, then this beer wouldn't be deserving of that fancy accent mark. To further the complexity of this mashup of a beer, Goose Island brewers used Hallertau Blanc hops to impart that bright white grape character to wash down your avocado toast. #PilzéAllDay

Our famous beer began with a trip across Europe, when Goose Island founder (and unabashed beer lover) John Hall took a tour across the continent. Pint by pint, he savored the styles and selections of brews in every region, and thought to himself, “America deserves some damn fine beer like this, too.”

Goose Island Beer Co. makes Pilzé American Adjunct Lager