Polly's Pale Ale by Hell's Basement Brewery in Alberta, Canada

About Polly's Pale Ale by Hell's Basement Brewery

Frank Pollinger was one of the most gregarious and best known stagecoach drivers in Medicine Hat. One of his duties was to deliver the mail between towns, and on at least one occasion he was robbed. Polly quickly gave up the mailbag and then took off at a gallop. By the time the bandits realized Polly had given them a bag full of blank notes, the coach was well out of range. The wily old driver always carried a decoy bag for just this purpose.

Medicine Hat's community craft brewery. Pouring pints and wetting whistles starting summer 2016. Locally owned and operated craft brewery dedicated to bringing quality brews to Medicine Hat and area.

Hell's Basement Brewery makes Polly's Pale Ale American Pale Ale (APA)