Pompous Pelican by Southern Craft Brewing Co. in Louisiana, United States

About Pompous Pelican by Southern Craft Brewing Co.

Smooth drinking double IPA made with raw cane sugar & southern Cascade hops. Gold-copper color with a citrus, floral & spicy aroma.

Along any body of water throughout South Louisiana, you’ll see him, perched with his chest out. He’s deliberate, he’s different, and he demands respect. He’s the Pompous Pelican, and he's this Double IPA’s namesake. However, it’s not only the name that makes this beer a Louisiana legend, it's also the local ingredients as well. 

Pompous Pelican uses local raw cane sugar from the oldest sugar cane plantation in the United States and southern Cascade hops from a small farm in the Southern Appalachian Mountains. It is justly named after the Louisiana state bird. Early European settlers were so impressed with the pelican's generous and nurturing attitude that it became a symbol of Louisiana, and now, it’s the symbol of our Double IPA. 

Brewed Up. Down South.

Southern Craft Brewing Co. makes Pompous Pelican American Double / Imperial IPA