Pool Boy Pilsner by Holy Whale Brewery in New Brunswick, Canada

About Pool Boy Pilsner by Holy Whale Brewery

The story of the Pool boy Pils.

After years of hardship in the mid-90s, in his native Sassnitz – a small fishing town, a young Adalhard Störtebeker in his mid-twenties, decided to leave Germany and start fresh in New Brunswick, Canada. Adalhard was a fifth-generation cisco fisherman who vowed to one day, return to the briny ocean depths of his first calling.

After many attempts to be gainfully employed, this tall glass of German beer landed a job as a pool boy, cleaning and sweeping pools for the many lonely, rich housewives of Rothesay. His thorough attention to detail and relentless work ethic made Adalhard a very popular pool boy – so much so, that he hastily earned enough money to acquire an Alma fishing license and a proper fishing vessel.

Finally, Adalhard could go back to his first love. This beer is dedicated to his journey.


Weird place. Weird people. Good beer. Good coffee.