The Port au Porter by Secret Cove Brewing Company in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

About The Port au Porter by Secret Cove Brewing Company

The story of this beer ...

This is a very special beer for Secret Cove Brewing. It has been planned for many years and their hope is that you enjoy this special release as much as they loved making it. If you are lucky enough to have grown up in a small rural community, when life was simpler, then sit back and fall in love with Secret Cove's latest Craft Beer they’ve proudly called - “The Port au Porter”. For the people who call Port au Port their home and those who visit the islands best kept secret, this beer is for you! Welcome home! 

Appearance and Taste…

With an appearance and color the brewery describeas as a chocolate lovers paradise, the soft mouth feel, combined with the complex and rich German grain bill provides the perfect roasted character reminiscent of chocolate and coffee. With a firm but med low hop bitterness, this Porter strikes balance between the residual sweetness and the carefully selected highly kilned specialty grains. Who doesn’t love freshly baked homemade chocolate cake, just like your grandmother made?

Pairs very well with soft vanilla ice cream, and homemade chocolate cake!

We are all about showcasing our beautiful island, and telling stories about the past and present. Come visit Port au Port and experience Secret Cove Brewing. Visit our brewery and experience Cove Life!