Porter Porter by Beau's in Ontario, Canada

About Porter Porter by Beau's

A beer so nice, they named it twice! Porter Porter is brewed for Beau's friends at Porter Airlines, in support of their ongoing commitment to offering Canadian hospitality with local wine, snacks and beer as part of the Porter Experience.

Aroma: Chocolate and espresso, mingled with malty sweetness.

Colour: Traditional-style brown porter.

Palate: Roasty flavours lead into a dry, crisp finish, with lingering notes of vanilla.

Food Pairings: Almonds, shortbread, kettle-style chips

Made by Beau's

Located in the village of Vankleek Hill, Beau’s is a world-class locally brewed beer. For us, being local means being an active part of the community. We support more than 100 independent arts and music, community-building and charitable organizations every year. We believe that craft beer tastes better when you feel good about drinking it.

Beau's makes Porter Porter American Porter