Prairie Pirate: Rauchbier by Ribstone Creek Brewery in Alberta, Canada
Ribstone Creek Brewery

Prairie Pirate: Rauchbier

Limited Release
6.4% ABV

About Prairie Pirate: Rauchbier by Ribstone Creek Brewery

Not even the harsh Alberta winter could keep the Prairie Pirate in hiding.  He has emerged from his Edgerton hideout in search of the finest malts to concoct the latest brew he desires.  On his trusted steed he wandered the cold, snowy land until he eyed his next mark.  The Pirate has plundered a bounty of Kananaskis malt from the scurvy dogs at Red Shed Malting to create a deep, malty, complex rauchbier!  The smokey flavour and chestnut colouring will warm even the Pirate’s cold, dark heart.

Award winning, small-town craft brewery. Proudly brewing great craft beers in Edgerton, Alberta.

Ribstone Creek Brewery makes Prairie Pirate: Rauchbier Rauchbier