Premium Lager by Creemore Springs in Ontario, Canada

About Premium Lager by Creemore Springs

Inspired by a Bohemian Pilsner but a style unto its own.

Lager is made the world over, but our Premium Lager is a one-of-a-kind gem! In all our years, we still haven't tasted anything like it. Probably because we fire-brew it to be unique and it's only made with the best ingredients in a traditional way. So say cheers to a beer that's as distinct as our town.

Overtones of sweet caramel malt and an appealing, well-balanced floral hop character.

Try this beer with roasted and grilled meats, spicy foods and stronger flavoured cheese.

For a small-town operation, we have a great selection of beer. All inspired by the time-honoured tradition of European brewing. So whether you like it big and bold or smooth and refreshing, we’ve got you covered.

Creemore Springs makes Premium Lager American Adjunct Lager