Premium Pilsner by Paniza Brewing Company in Ontario, Canada

About Premium Pilsner by Paniza Brewing Company

Our take on the traditional German-style Pilsner (German Pils). It is brewed in Toronto, Canada using premium malted barley from Germany and premium hops from Europe.
Pale gold in colour with forward notes of sweet malt, followed by a good kick of hops and capped with nuances of citrus and grass. Medium-bodied and hoppy with a palate-cleansing finish.
We designed it to be drunk ice-cold. It can be drunk year-round. This classic style beer captivates just after few gulps. Aging is also a very important factor in our recipe design, this beer will age very well for many months if kept cold.
We have brewed the recipe since 2015. After few years, it won great prizes in competitions Canada wide.

Paniza Brewing Company is an independent brewing company located in Toronto, ON. Check out Paniza Brewing's list of beers, contact info and more.