Primo by Pabst Brewing Company in Texas, United States

About Primo by Pabst Brewing Company

Primo means the best. The best waves, the best people, the best places to be. That’s why it’s the name of Hawai’i’s original beer.  Founded in 1897 by the Honolulu Brewing & Malting Company, Primo is a premium lager beer crafted and instilled with the perfect lightness and taste for Hawai’i’s climate and lifestyle.

In 2007, after being dormant for nearly eight years, a pair of award-winning brewmasters worked with a group of the world’s top surfers and watermen to recreate Primo.  While the development process was lengthy, the result was a high-quality island lager with a unique, bright flavor and aroma. With the 2014 return to the original Primo label artwork, Primo is now brewed lighter for the island lifestyle.

Primo’s efforts are guided by Lokomaika — the unique Hawaiian spirit of generosity.  Which is why Primo is dedicated to supporting local interests in arts & culture, environmental preservation and action sports throughout Hawai’i, Southern California, and Florida.  With this island lifestyle brand gaining popularity amongst Hawaiian tourists and consumers on both coasts, Primo is poised for a grand expansion inland.

Established in Milwaukee in 1844

Pabst Brewing Company makes Primo American Adjunct Lager