Prince Myshkin by Dock Street Brewery in Pennsylvania, United States

About Prince Myshkin by Dock Street Brewery

Packaged January 2021. Pours a deep midnight black with a dense milk chocolate colored head. Brewed with a high percentage of roasted and chocolate malts for depth and complexity. Flavors are reminiscent of dark fruit, chocolate, coffee, roast, and sandalwood, making Prince Myshkin perfect for dessert or a dangerously smooth night cap. "But who's Prince Myshkin," you may ask? He's the Idiot-Sauvant from Dostoyevsky's novel The Idiot who the Russian writer described as "entirely positive...with an absolutely beautiful nature."

Dock Street Brewery started in 1985, amidst a proverbial sea of watered down and adjunct-plagued lagers, as one of the first post-prohibition craft breweries in the country - and Philly’s first all-grain brewpub.

Dock Street Brewery makes Prince Myshkin Russian Imperial Stout