Puck Drop Pilsner by Tree Brewing Company in British Columbia, Canada

About Puck Drop Pilsner by Tree Brewing Company

Tree brewing has released a winter-themed Pilsner in their Seasons Pass mix pack called the Puck Drop. This beer pours from a 355ml can as a clear, golden colour with two full fingers of lightly lacing head. The aroma is lightly sweet with a malt forward character. With the malt comes a light toasted sweetness and mellow bitterness. This pilsner may be a touch sweeter than typical but it is very easy drinking and a wonderful take on a very classic style.

Since 1996, our brewing philosophy has been quite simple - to brew memorable, well balanced and flavourful beers regardless of the style. From light and crisp, to malt forward and smooth all the way to loaded with hops, each of our brews are crafted using only 100% Malted Barley,the Finest Hops, Water and Yeast.

Tree Brewing Company makes Puck Drop Pilsner German Pilsener