Puffing Billy
Little Creatures Brewing

Puffing Billy

Western Australia, Australia
6.5% ABV

Modeled off the traditional Bocks of Germany but with a natural twist, we thought we would also challenge traditional with the addition of smoked malt… A subtle hint of Beech wood smoked malt, rounds out a rich dark lager with lasting, peat like characters on the finish, while a full load of hops throughout the brew ensures that this is a beer that is true to our hop loving style.

So… what’s in a name? Through the heavy accents of beer loving Bavarians, who took a great liking of the dark malty beer being brewed in the German town of Einbeck, the name of the town was mistaken as the German word for a Billy Goat – “ein bock”. With our addition of smoked malt, we couldn’t resist an ode to all those occasions where true meanings are lost in translation….