Pulp Art Hazy IPA by Brooklyn Brewery in New York, United States

About Pulp Art Hazy IPA by Brooklyn Brewery

Beer? Art? Both!

A hazy IPA for the people.

Just as the Pop Art movement created big, bold art for everyone to enjoy, Brooklyn's Pulp Art is a hazy IPA for all. This modern masterpiece is a delicious blur between beer and art, with billboard-sized notes of bright tropical fruit and a refreshingly soft finish. Pulp Art brings juicy refreshment for everyone, from haze aficionados to those just discovering the lush world of tropical hops.

Notes of pineapple juice, ripe mango, and bright citrus pulp from Citra, Strata and Simcoe Hops.

Pairs well with spinach salad, pizza, tropical fruits, sharp cheddar, sorbets, spicy chilies, fresh guacamole, and brunch.

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Brooklyn Brewery makes Pulp Art Hazy IPA American IPA