Pumpkin Ale by Smuttynose Brewing Company in New Hampshire, United States

About Pumpkin Ale by Smuttynose Brewing Company

Since 2003, Smuttynose has brewed their Pumpkin Ale with real pumpkin and a blend of classic pumpkin pie spices in tribute to their colonial forebearers. Recipes calling for the use of pumpkins have been found from early European settlers in New England, when brewers sought to extend their supply of costly imported malt with locally grown ingredients, such as squash and “pompions.”

Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale is available from late summer through Thanksgiving.

At Smuttynose, we pride ourselves on making a wide variety of distinctive beers, from our year-round offerings and seasonals, to more the more limited releases in our famous Big Beer Series and our experimental Smuttlabs line.

Smuttynose Brewing Company makes Pumpkin Ale Pumpkin Ale