Punkel by Lakewood Brewing Company in Texas, United States
Lakewood Brewing Company


5.5% ABV • IBU 23 • SRM 19

About Punkel by Lakewood Brewing Company

Is there a better fall treat than pumpkin pie? Nope, which is why there are so many pumpkin beers out there. But we prefer a beer that compliments a slice of pie rather than drinking a slice of pie, which is why ours is based on the classic dessert, not the gourd. Our twist: Punkel has no pumpkin. It's a dark, malty German lager enhanced by cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, and ginger. Perfect for weather only Texans would consider "fall."

Lakewood Brewing Co. is a brewery in Garland, TX. Check out Lakewood Brewery's list of beers, contact info and more.