Queer Beer by Half Pints Brewing Co. in Manitoba, Canada

About Queer Beer by Half Pints Brewing Co.

Queer Beer is back in town and it’s just as fruity and fabulous as ever! Queer Beer is the specialty brew brainchild of Half Pints Brewery and Pride Winnipeg, made exclusively for the Pride Winnipeg Festival. The beer is brewed as a Helles, which is a German Pilsner. It has a mild taste, with a slightly fruity aroma derived from the hops. It’s the perfect match for the Pride Winnipeg Festival, but just as fabulous for any other warm sunny day.

Half Pints Brewing Company is a Winnipeg based brewery started in 2006. As a part of the city’s beer landscape for over a decade, we have striven to make the best beer we can. From keg-only batches to bottles and canned beer, Half Pints has been filling the need and satisfying the tastes of Winnipeg.

Half Pints Brewing Co. makes Queer Beer German Pilsener