Queen Street 501 by Brickworks Ciderhouse in Ontario, Canada

About Queen Street 501 by Brickworks Ciderhouse

To journey across Queen Street on the 501 streetcar is to bear witness to all the diversity Toronto has to offer. Every day, a vivid and electric cast of characters travel through the heart of the beautiful city on the longest streetcar route in North America. It is the diversity of the 501 streetcar route that powered the inspiration to craft the Queen Street 501 Cider. Blending 8 types of handpicked Ontario heritage apples, (mirroring the 8 majoy neighbourhoods the 501 travels through) Brickworks has crafted a delicious and refreshing semi-sweet cider, bursting with fresh apples as soon as it hits your lips.

Country born. City crafted.

Brickworks Ciderhouse makes Queen Street 501 Fruit / Vegetable Beer