Radler by Kichesippi Beer Company in Ontario, Canada

About Radler by Kichesippi Beer Company

Radler first became popular in 1922 in the town of Deisenhofen, Germany. The beverage was an instant favourite with the local cyclists travelling from Munich. 40 years prior, Ottawa's first bicycles were imported in 1882 from England at a price of $300 each by George A. Mothers ill, founder of the Ottawa Bicycle club, the oldest and one of the largest clubs in Canada. Kichesippi first made this beer in 2014 to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Pub Italia.

Kichesippi Beer Co. is a family-owned company committed to the tradition of craft brewing. You can find our Kichesippi Natural Blonde, 1855 and seasonals on tap throughout Ottawa and surrounding communities.

Kichesippi Beer Company makes Radler Fruit / Vegetable Beer