Rascal by Thatchers Cider in Somerset - England, United Kingdom
Thatchers Cider


Somerset - England, United Kingdom
4.5% ABV

About Rascal by Thatchers Cider

Made in honour of Thatchers' nocturnal resident, Rascal is full-bodied amber cider with a roguish complexity, where a little brave bitterness is balanced with a refreshingly smooth sweetness.

Rascal’s full-bodied character comes from Thatchers' choice of bittersweet apples including Somerset Redstreak to add peppery notes and Tremlett’s for its flavour and tannins. This medium cider is perfect with spicy foods.

Made by Thatchers Cider

Caring about cider runs in the Thatchers Family and for more than a hundred years we have been quietly perfecting the magic that turns apples into cider.