Raspberried At Sea by Pelican Brewing Company in Oregon, United States

About Raspberried At Sea by Pelican Brewing Company

Some of the most delicious and plentiful berries from the Pacific Nothwest are red raspberries. Imagining the perfect beer to highlight this glorious fruit led to a lighter touch with malt and hops, letting the raspberries shine through. Raspberried at Sea starts with a base beer inspired by the Tripels of Belguim, then layers on color and flavor with immense amounts of raspberries and carefully selected Abbey-type ale yeast. With a light color topped by pink-hued foam, and an aroma and flavor that layers bright raspberry flavor with Abbey yeast and light malt flavor, Raspberried at Sea brings to mind a sparkling rosé.

Born at the beach.

Pelican Brewing Company makes Raspberried At Sea Fruit / Vegetable Beer