Rattlesnake ESB by Tin Whistle Brewing Company in British Columbia, Canada

About Rattlesnake ESB by Tin Whistle Brewing Company

While it doesn't fit the traditional E.S.B. profile in terms of colour (too light) or alcohol content (too low), it does have a good smack of hop bitterness to it. Can have a somewhat astringent graininess, but worth it for the hops.

The Tin Whistle is a small micro brewery located in Penticton, BC. We brew beers that we like, and we hope that you'll like them too. We have five beers that we produce year round, and at any given time we may have an additional one or two seasonals. Our beers are available throughout BC and Alberta, on tap and in 650ml bottles. If they don't have us, ask for us!

Tin Whistle Brewing Company makes Rattlesnake ESB Extra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB)