Red Mile B(l)ock Party Weizenbock by Mill Street Brewery in Ontario, Canada
Mill Street Brewery

Red Mile B(l)ock Party Weizenbock

7.7% ABV

About Red Mile B(l)ock Party Weizenbock by Mill Street Brewery

This beer is a collaboration between Mill St. and Trolley 5. Red Mile B(l)ock Party is Weizenbock is named for the stretch of 17th Avenue in Calgary where these two breweries are located. With the clever play on words, we are sure this delicious traditional German Weizenbock will top your list. With similar qualities to Hefeweizen and Weissbier, but with a stronger ABV this beer will definitely keep you hoppy...we mean happy. 


Ron Scott
Crafted Magazine
This one of a kind collaboration between Trolley 5 and Mill Street Brewing is a hearty and robust wheat beer. The brainchild of brewers Jeff Demaniuk and Bennie Dingemanse, this collaboration is a major step in really establishing Mill Street as they make their foray into the Alberta beer scene.

Unlike typical German-style wheat beers, a weizenbock is made with caramelized malts to give it a bit more weight on the palate. The fruity esters are abundant in this beer, and the salted caramel on the nose gives way to banana, clove, and toffee on the palate. At 7.7% ABV, this beer is sure to give the drinker some warmth as the nights get colder and colder.




Mill Street Brewery began in Toronto, Ontario in 2002. Today, Mill Street has 6 brewpubs open across Canada in Toronto, Mississauga, St. John's, Ottawa and Calgary. Check out Mill Street Brewpub's list of craft beers, contact info, and more.

Mill Street Brewery makes Red Mile B(l)ock Party Weizenbock Weizenbock