Red Truck Red Pilsner
Red Truck Beer Company

Red Truck Red Pilsner

British Columbia, Canada
5% ABV • SRM 12

This amber twist on a Czech classic was originally created for a charitable partnership; however, Red Truck loved it so much they brought it back as their winter seasonal brew.

Red Truck built this brew by hand with Czech pilsner yeast and a unique combination of black malts, malted wheat, and 100% simcoe hops. The addition of the roasted malts give it a distinctive reddish hue, while the slow process and cold storage temperatures closely resemble the winters during which this style of beer was originally brewed. 

Aroma: Roasted malts bring a toasted bready aroma that balance off with an earthy, citrusy profile that makes us 'pine' for warmer days.

Flavours: The black malts bring toasted flavours, and while malted wheat gives it the nice light body. A North American version of a traditional European flavour profile.