Red Truck Lager
Red Truck Beer Company

Red Truck Lager

British Columbia, Canada
5% ABV • SRM 7

You can't rush perfection, and this award winning lager is proof of that. Red Truck Beer Company uses the cool fermented, long storage process that's been used for centuries. Why deviate from what works? This traditional European style lager is made with all Canadian malts and Saaz hops, a classic "noble" aroma hop with longstanding traditions – just like the style itself.

Aroma: Grassy hops and light malt aromas of fresh baked bread and warm summer days down by the river. 

Flavour: We hate to say it's clean and crisp, but it is. This lager is designed to be an easy drinking full-bodied beer that doesn't compete with anything you're eating. 

Awards and Recognitions