Revelation Stout by Public House Brewing Company in Missouri, United States

About Revelation Stout by Public House Brewing Company

Mmmmm....Revelations indeed. Black as midnight. Heavy on the soul. Think you don't like Stout? Try this one. Think you don't like any kind of beer? Try this one. We can't tell you how many times we've heard both declarations from the mouths of our customers and low and behold....they try this beer and are saved from a life of bad beer or no beer at all. Can I get a witness? Lift a glass of this dry stout up to your nose and breathe in the decadent aroma of dark chocolate emanating from the creamy off-white to tan-colored head. Take a sip and feel the familiar warmth of roasted coffee that goes down smooth. A lighter body than your average stout makes this one a house favorite--our best-selling beer, in fact.

What started as a burning desire to brew classic world beer styles in the garage, became an obsession to consistently craft technically flawless interpretations of modern beer to share with everyone else.

Awards & Achievements for this Irish Dry Stout