The Ridge By Midday IPA by Buffalo 9 Brewing Company in Alberta, Canada
Buffalo 9 Brewing Company

The Ridge By Midday IPA

6.5% ABV • IBU 65 • SRM 3

About The Ridge By Midday IPA by Buffalo 9 Brewing Company

The Ridge By Midday is a New England style IPA. This IPA is full of citrus aroma and flavor. Pineapple and Tangerine flavors shine through this crisp and refreshing beer. Oats and wheat accompany the barley to give it a silky, elegant and well balanced mouthfeel. 

The Story: There is a ridge in France that when captured by the Canadian Corps in World War 1 was defined as a defining moment for Canada. It is said that Canada became a country after this battle, as soldiers from all over Canada came together to fight for their country and showed the world what they could accomplish. Buffalo 9 Brewing chose their first release to be Ridge By Midday New England IPA as their defining moment as a brewery.

The Label: Buffalo 9 Brewing wants their labels to tell a story, to make people take a look and hopefully want to learn more about Canada's history. The label for The Ridge by Midday depicts Canadian soldiers taking a moments rest after capturing the Vimy heights. They've used shades of brown to represent the uniform colors and the mud of the trenches to give an overall feel of a devastated landscape. In the background you can also see an actual barrage map used in the battle. The site of the battle is also marked on a map of Northwestern Europe.   

Buffalo 9 Brewing is an up & coming Calgary based brewery. A Military inspired brewery with an atmosphere of camaraderie & enjoyment through high-quality beer, while staying true to our local roots.