Rise & Shine Hefeweizen by Cabin Brewing Company in Alberta, Canada
Cabin Brewing Company

Rise & Shine Hefeweizen

4.9% ABV • IBU 15

About Rise & Shine Hefeweizen by Cabin Brewing Company

Wake to birdsong. Make coffee. Watch sun rise. Eat breakfast. Read paper. Walk the dog. By the time the rest of the house wakes, you’ve already won the day - and you’re definitely ready for second breakfast. In Bavaria, this is called brotzeit and usually involves a tall glass of hazy hefeweizen beer. Our take on the style has a north American twist. Sabro hops complement the banana and juicy fruit aromas from the German yeast strain. The body is bready and full from the mountains of wheat used to brew this beer. It is a glorious shade of light golden yellow, like an early morning sun flare. Rise and shine. Win the day

Cabin Brewing Company is a brewing supergroup determined to make Alberta a better place, one great beer at a time. We drink beer. We taste beer. We make beer. We judge beer. We live beer. We know beer.

Cabin Brewing Company makes Rise & Shine Hefeweizen Hefeweizen