Robust Porter by Cerveza Urbana in Baja California, Mexico
Cerveza Urbana

Robust Porter

Baja California, Mexico
6.8% ABV

About Robust Porter by Cerveza Urbana

Cerveza obscura elaborada con maltas tosatadas que aportan sabores y aromas que recuerdan al chocolate y cafe. De cuerpo medio y cremosa sin ser hostigante, es una cerveza que invita a darle otro trago.

Dark beer made with roasted malts that provide flavors and aromas reminiscent of chocolate and coffee. Medium-bodied and creamy without being harassing, it is a beer that invites you to have another drink.

Made by Cerveza Urbana

It takes a whole community to make the finest craft beer in Baja. Inspired to brew beer that brings together friends and neighbors, Cerveza Urbana’s meticulous dedication to the craft brewing process and the fusion of traditional styles with their own unique perspective is evident in every sip.