Rock Creek Dry Cider by Big Rock Brewery in Alberta, Canada

About Rock Creek Dry Cider by Big Rock Brewery

One day back in 1993, Chris Turton drove 590 kilometers from Kelowna to Calgary, to show Ed McNally some apples. As soon as he surveyed the apples, Ed saw the possibilities. Chris grows apples you don’t see in the supermarket. The fragrant, sweet and succulent European varieties grown in Chris Turton’s orchards are fine examples of classic English-style cider apples. At the end of that meeting Ed and Chris shook hands. A year later, Big Rock’s first cider was in the keg.

The fruity aroma and flavour of the cider works well with a bowl of fresh fruit and stands up to a variety of cheeses like Cheddar, Brie, Gouda and Camembert. Try Rock Creek with a smoky pulled pork sandwich or wiener schnitzel.


Sondra Baker
The Beer Maven
Brewed with Okanagan apples, pours a deep golden colour. Hints of cinnamon and vanilla. Easy drinking refreshing sweet Canadian cider.

Proud Early Bird of Craft Beer

Big Rock Brewery makes Rock Creek Dry Cider Fruit / Vegetable Beer