Rock Creek Peach Cider
Big Rock Brewery

Rock Creek Peach Cider

Alberta, Canada
5.5% ABV

Brewmaster Paul blends ripened peaches with crisp apples for Big Rock's newest offering from the Rock Creek family. Briskly carbonated, it pours a golden colour with a refreshing finish. Outside of slicing open a fresh peach in the peak of its harvest season, we think this one’s hard to beat. Naturally gluten free.

This sweet peach cider pairs well with pork, roasted beet salad, creamy cheeses such as brie or camembert, and peach or raspberry-based desserts like a pie or a crumble.


Sondra Baker
The Beer Maven
High carbonation, fresh apples paired with ripened peaches makes for a beautiful marriage. This cider offers an intense peach aroma followed through with a strong peach lead and clean finish. A deadly peachlicious summer bevy.

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