Rock Creek Pear Cider by Big Rock Brewery in Alberta, Canada

About Rock Creek Pear Cider by Big Rock Brewery

For some reason the French chose to make Champagne out of grapes. But in a parallel universe somewhere, it’s made out of pears. To open this is to step into that universe. While Big Rock uses all their knowledge and experience to make it a light, bubbly, clear oasis of refreshment in your day, the Okanagan’s best Bartlett pears effortlessly turn that hard work into pure deliciousness. Although we think you’ll agree that this flavour needs a much longer word to adequately describe what it does to your tastebuds.

Aromas of sweet pears with a medium body and carbonation mouthfeel.

This pear cider pairs nicely with dark chocolate or a chocolate fondue. Try adding it to a fruit salad.


Sondra Baker
The Beer Maven
I think Big Rock grabbed a bunch of bartlett pears and squeezed them into cans! Oh yeah, and with the effervescence of champagne. If that doesn’t convince you to try this let your girlfriend or wife read this. Or better yet (pour it into a champagne glass with a thin slice of pear and hand that to her) You’re welcome.

Proud Early Bird of Craft Beer

Big Rock Brewery makes Rock Creek Pear Cider Fruit / Vegetable Beer

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