Rolling Hubcap by Ferment.Drink.Repeat.(FDR) Brewery in California, United States

About Rolling Hubcap by Ferment.Drink.Repeat.(FDR) Brewery

On a recent trip to Maine, FDR borrowed their Mom's car, which lost its hubcaps nearly daily. Stopped at one red light, their son said, "Hey dad, the hubcap just rolled up next to us." Rolling Hubcap will always remind FDR of that wonderful summer trip to New England, and with its huge citrus and tropical fruit aromas and flavors, low bitterness, and a creamy, smooth mouthfeel, this beer will always remind them how delicious IPAs brewed in that regional style can be. No hops in boil, Calista, Citra, Amarillo in whirlpool and dry hop. GigaYeast NorCal Ale yeast.

A San Francisco brewery, tap room, and homebrew supply shop.

Ferment.Drink.Repeat.(FDR) Brewery makes Rolling Hubcap English India Pale Ale (IPA)