Root Cellar by Yellowbelly Brewery & Public House in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

About Root Cellar by Yellowbelly Brewery & Public House

Newest YB seasonal is called 'Root Cellar' – an ale made with local parsnips. It is the colour of pale straw and is presented with a veiled haze. It is quite light in body.

From our brewmaster: "The source of extract in this beer is a few hundred kilos of Maris Otter Pale Ale malt with about 60 kilos of baked and pureed parsnips. When I was asked to undertake this project, I had a good long think about what it is about parsnips that I enjoy so much. I find they have a definite earthy nature with a hint of licorice. I decided to play off of this in the brewing process. The source of bitterness in this beer is a little unusual. It is lightly hopped with East Kent Goldings which form the base bitterness and provide some earthy tones of their own. It is also spiced in the brewhouse with some fresh grated ginger and some dried Star Anise.The Anise provides a little sweet licorice while the ginger is earthy but finishes with a hint of heat. As it finished it's primary, it was dry hopped with Topaz hops. They add no bitterness but do add a strong element of tropical fruit with a little bit of citrus. Moving into secondary, it was dry hopped again with more Topaz but also dry-spiced with fresh Thai Basil. The Basil provides more licorice elements with a bit of mint. I know this sounds like quite a complex process but the resultant beer is pretty fantastic. It is very drinkable but very unusual. It is reminds me of a chinotto. It is a fantastic match with cheese and charcuterie."

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Yellowbelly Brewery & Public House makes Root Cellar American Pale Ale (APA)