Rousse by Boréale (Brasseurs du Nord) in Québec, Canada

About Rousse by Boréale (Brasseurs du Nord)

The original, the unique, Quebec’s first rousse. Its inimitable style, distinctive taste and even its name are Boréale creations. An ale of character – caramel malt aromas, subtle bitter notes and a full mellow taste. This all-natural ale is brewed from superior ingredients: water, malted barley, caramel malt and roasted malt, hops and yeast. Rousse contains no colouring agents or preservatives. Brasseurs du Nord's brewmaster suggests this beer for any occasion, before, during and after meals or for evenings with friends. Boréale Rousse is best served chilled and an excellent accompaniment to sharp cheeses or grilled game.

Brasser d’authentiques bières de caractère sans compromis : pur malt, toutes naturelles, que les meilleurs ingrédients sont utilisés et nous y mettons le meilleur de nous-mêmes. Brew genuine beers of character without compromise: pure malt, all natural, the best ingredients are used and we put the best of ourselves.

Boréale (Brasseurs du Nord) makes Rousse American Amber / Red Ale