Rubus Ruckus by Rio Bravo Brewing Company in New Mexico, United States

About Rubus Ruckus by Rio Bravo Brewing Company

This raspberry sour was created using a unique blend of barrel-aged Pilsner, a specially fermented wheat sour and fermented raspberry puree. The tartness of the sour base has been tempered by the oak and vanilla notes of the barrel-aged Pilsner. Fermenting the pure raspberry puree yielded an aromatic fruit stock which provided the distinct raspberry flavor notes. The creamy head on this product coupled with the fruit aromatics result in an easy drinking ale with a slightly tart finish which is certain to deliver a unique drinking experience for all beer lovers.

Rio Bravo Brewing Company will produce quality micro beer for distribution throughout New Mexico with a brew pub located on the site.

Rio Bravo Brewing Company makes Rubus Ruckus American Wild / Sour Ale

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