Rye Wit by Freetail Brewing Company in Texas, United States

About Rye Wit by Freetail Brewing Company

A perennial favorite at the Pub on Loop 1604, Rye Wit has been a staple on the Freetail Brewing taps from the very beginning. Meaning "white" in Flemish, the Wit biers of Belgium get their name from the opaque chill haze cause by starch from the raw wheat used in the mash. This tongue-in-cheek version includes malted rye, adding a subtle, spicy complexity. The traditional addition of coriander and orange peels adds another layer of flavor, catalyzed by an aggressively fruity top-fermenting yeast. The result is a wonderfully thirst-quenching beer full of citrus candy notes, mellow, bready malt undertones and an effervescent, billowy foam cap. The perfect brew for a hot South Texas afternoon in the sun, on the river, by the lake, or along the gulf coast.

San Antonio’s a city that marches to the beat of its own drum. It paints to the stroke of its own brush. And it rocks to the tune of its own guitar. Just like Freetail. A little bit of that San Antonio flair goes into each and every can of beer we brew—the food, the art, the music, and culture.

Freetail Brewing Company makes Rye Wit Witbier