SAAZ Republic Pilz by Big Rock Brewery in Alberta, Canada
Big Rock Brewery

SAAZ Republic Pilz

4.9% ABV

About SAAZ Republic Pilz by Big Rock Brewery

You’re on a quaint cobbled street in Prague. Tiny motorcycles scoot by as you sit under an umbrella on a terrace in the midday sun. This is the beer you quaff as you figure out how you got to eastern Europe and how any drink can be quite this refreshing. This soft malty flavour balanced beer has a mild bitterness and a fragrant hop nose. Tastes great with lighter foods and mid-European fair including chicken, salads, salmon, bratwurst, schnitzel and spaetzle.

Repackaged as Pilsner.


Proud Early Bird of Craft Beer

Big Rock Brewery makes SAAZ Republic Pilz Czech Pilsner