Saint Arnoldus Quadrupel by New Limburg Brewery in Ontario, Canada

About Saint Arnoldus Quadrupel by New Limburg Brewery

The Quadrupel style is somewhat contested in the realm of Trappist beers. Whether it represents a stronger than average Dubbel or is a style unto itself is a perennial question amongst Belgian beer aficionados. New Limburg likes to think of it as a unique entity and have crafted their St. Arnoldus Quad as their most complex and intricate beer.

Quadrupels are typically very dark in colour, ranging from deep amber to nearly black. Like the Dubbel, their Quad derives much of its colour and flavour from Belgian Candi syrup. This ingredient, along with specialty malts, creates a broadly fruity aroma profile. This Quad boasts an array of bright fruit, reminiscent of berries, but also featuring plum, raisin, and cherry. The brighter aroma is a slight deviation from the licorice and anise notes of a traditional Quad, but the complex interplay sets this version out from the crowd.

The Quad is markedly high in alcohol, coming in at the 10.5-11% abv. range. This feature necessitates a long conditioning period to bring out all of the nuances of the beer. New Limburg brewers insist that the beer sits in the bottle for a minimum of four months before selling, though six would be optimal. The alcohol content also suggests enjoying this beer almost like a fine red wine. Serving temperature should be 10-14 degrees Celsius for optimal flavour and aroma development.

On the palate, the Quad offers its unique fruitiness complemented by generous carbonation and a slight alcohol warmth on the finish. It is quite easy-drinking despite its strength, thanks in part to its relative dryness. Look for a sweet and full-bodied sip with a lingering, slightly bitter aftertaste. A noticeable malt presence, notes of caramel, and modest nuttiness round out the range of flavours. The full bouquet of the Quad opens up as the beer comes to serving temperature. Served in a large chalice, the beer offers a uniquely evolving drinking experience over the course of a glass.

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New Limburg Brewery makes Saint Arnoldus Quadrupel Quadrupel (Quad)

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