Saison de Brettaville by Almanac Beer Co.  in California, United States

About Saison de Brettaville by Almanac Beer Co.

Almanac Beer Co. loves Brettanomyces! This wild yeast, also known as “Brett,” brings out a wide range of flavors and aromas in beer, from exotic fruits to earthy funk. They added a dozen different Brett strains to their dry-hopped Saison Dolores, then aged it in white wine barrels for several months. The result is an intricate farmhouse ale with the kind of nuance and depth that only Brett can create. Serve alongside soft funky cheeses or as a tangy counterpoint to rich charcuterie.

Farm to Barrel. Proudly brewed in Northern California. The Almanac Beer Company was founded in 2010 by Jesse Friedman and Damian Fagan.

Almanac Beer Co.  makes Saison de Brettaville Saison / Farmhouse Ale