Saison De Minuit by Microbrewery Les Grands Bois in Québec, Canada

About Saison De Minuit by Microbrewery Les Grands Bois

It's not because it's dark that we do not see anything. The time of transformation has come, where chance has nothing to do with it. Here the day decreases, the night increases, it's the Midnight Season!

Far from stopping midway between a Belgian season and a stout, this hybrid will float you through the flavors chocolate, supported by the surprising work of yeast Season.

The chasm is thirsty and the clepsydra is empty, it is midnight. Still, it's still not time to go to bed!

The only microbrewery in western Portneuf county, Les Grands Bois microbrewery has made a name for itself in the Portneuf landscape thanks to the dynamism and originality of its five founders.

Microbrewery Les Grands Bois makes Saison De Minuit Saison / Farmhouse Ale