Salt Spray Sour by Coronado Brewing Company in California, United States

About Salt Spray Sour by Coronado Brewing Company

Our 2019 ART SERIES has evolved to feature photography submitted by our Instagram fans.  The first winner our contest is Ryan Szot, a San-Diego based ocean and surf photographer. Szot’s awesome aerial photo of a surfer in turquoise waters is the inspiration for “Salt Spray Sour”.

Salt Spray is a kettle sour inspired by the bright, fresh flavors of margarita.  Salt Spray is brewed with passionfruit, lime and sea salt for a tropical twist on the classic sweet and tart margarita.

Salt Spray is the second in series of four beers in the 2019 Art Series.  We’re proud to be supporting emerging artists whose roots perfectly align with our stay coastal lifestyle.

Established 1996 | World Beer Cup Champion 2014 | Brewing is our middle name.

Coronado Brewing Company makes Salt Spray Sour Gose