Saltwater Cowboy Gose by Tatamagouche Brewing Company in Nova Scotia, Canada

About Saltwater Cowboy Gose by Tatamagouche Brewing Company

Legend has it that this Gose earned its moniker after a memorable summer cruise on the sunset-kissed waves of the Atlantic Ocean with a dear friend. Fermented in tequila barrels and bottle-conditioned, this briny brew boasts hints of coriander and pure Atlantic Sea Salt and when aged with a pinch of lemon zest, the result is a seaworthy beverage with unique, unforgettable character, not unlike the Cowboy himself. 

We're a family owned and operated microbrewery located in the hear of Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia. In 2014, we converted an old butcher shop into a community brewery where we make small batches of organic, tasty handcrafted beer. It's good beer for good people, and we can't wait for your to try it!

Tatamagouche Brewing Company makes Saltwater Cowboy Gose Gose

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