Santiago by Brasserie Saint James in California, United States

About Santiago by Brasserie Saint James

Santiago (meaning Saint James) is a take on the classic Mexican style lager. A beer style which owes it's origins to German settlers of the late 19th century. Craft brewerd with an attention to detail, and using the highest quality ingredients. Pilsner malt, noble hops and Brasserie Saint James own artisinal spring water brings balance to the crisp balanced light lager. A beer for all occasions!

A rustic brasserie style restaurant showing food the same reverence as our beer and giving old world European comfort dishes and American classics new life. All while crafting old world style ale(s) and lagers using the finest natural ingredients and Sierra mountain spring water from our own artesian lake located 285 feet below our historic icehouse.

Brasserie Saint James makes Santiago Light Lager

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